Cookies Policy


NLMK (hereinafter — «we», «us») uses and processes cookies for improving functionality of its website https://rnd.nlmk.com

This technology can be used for various purposes (see Section 2). Specifically, cookies may be considered as personal data.

This Policy (hereinafter — «Policy») is an addendum to our Personal Data Confidentiality Policy that can be accessed though the link at the foot of the website. Please look it through to understand the technique we use while acquiring and processing personal data and to know your rights.

This Policy contains the information as follows:

  • cookies definition
  • cookies used on our websites
  • purposes we use cookies for and time for which they are stored on computers of those users who visit our websites
  • cookies control

Additionally, you should notice that NLMK uses such social media pages as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Ordinary, the above websites also use and process cookies. This Policy does not apply to any third-party cookies. Therefore, please look through the cookies policies on the above websites to understand their functions and targets.

1. What are coolies and other similar technologies?

Cookie is a small text file. It is saved in your device and stores data to be restored by a web-server of the domain to which this file is transmitted. Usually, these data are represented by a digit and letter chain to be a unique computer identification wherein other information may be contained, as well. Some cookies can be transmitted from authorized third-party companies. We use cookies and similar technologies in order to store and use your settings and preferences, to obtain information about our website users, to authorize users, to display actual ads, to prevent fraudulent operations, to study our website performance, and to pursue other objects set out below.

Many our websites and application also use web beacons and other similar technologies set out below.

2. Using cookies and other similar technologies

We use cookies and other similar technologies depending on context, particularly

Saving your preferences and settings

We use cookies for saving your preferences and settings on your device in order to improve your personal experience. For example, we save the data informing us that you disabled advertisement personalization.

Authorization and login.

We use cookies you can apply logging at your account. For example, using cookies you can save login data and avoid authorization every time you visit the website.


Using cookies we process information in order to ensure security of our websites and applications and to disclose any fraudulence and abuse events.

Your information storage

When providing any information, you add products to baskets on our websites; we save such data in cookies and store them.

Social media. Some our websites social media cookies including those that allow social media authorized users sharing any information.


Using cookies we support feedback functionality on our websites.

Actual advertisement

We use cookies for collecting data about your activity on Internet and for estimating your interests, thereby displaying the most actual ads.


We use third-party and own cookies and other website running data identifiers. For example, calculating number of unique users who visits the website or service and creating other website running statistics.


We use cookies for estimating and improving our website performance. For example, acquiring load balance data for keeping trouble-free operation of our websites.

Some of cookies we use are listed below.

This list is not exhaustive. Its purpose is to represent basic goals for which we frequently use cookies. If you visit one of our websites, your device will save some or all cookies given below.

Name of cookie Storage time Description Own/ third-party user cookie
BX_USER_ID 10 years It allows us tracing a current user session number NLMK cookie
PHPSESSID Session It allows us tracing a current user session number NLMK cookie
_ga 2 years It allows us tracing a user session Google Analytics
_gid 24 hours It allows us tracing a user session Google Analytics
_ym_d 1 year It stores the first user session on the website Yandex.Metrica
_ym_isad 24 hours It specifies whether a user set up an advertisement blocker Yandex.Metrica
_ym_uid 1 year It identifies website users Yandex.Metrica
_ym_visorc_ Session It supports session record functionality Yandex.Metrica

3. Are the first- or third-party cookies used on websites?

On visiting our websites, cookies will be transmitted to your device not only from us but also from the third parties. For example:
  • Companies employed and authorized by us as service providers (e.g. Google Analytics)
  • Companies that post materials (e.g. video or news) or ads on our websites while using own cookies. These companies use processed data according to the confidential policy that entitles such entities acquiring and combining information about your activities on various websites, applications and online services.

For supplement information refer to Table in Section 2.

4. Using web beacons and analytical services

Web beacons embedded into some our website pages are web tags we use for saving cookies, for calculating website visitors and co-brand products proposed. We also use web communication beacons and similar technologies for tracing user operations while opening pages or interacting with websites. Occasionally, in addition to web beacons integrated into websites, we make agreements with other company for using web beacons on their websites and advertisements. Web beacons are practical tools while developing statistics of users who click on links to advertisements to buy a product or to perform any other operation on the advertiser’s website.

And finally, there are web beacons or similar technologies of the third-party analytical services that can be integrated into our websites for aggregating statistics about efficiency of our total advertisement campaigns and other promotional activities. Thanks to such technologies, the analytical services can integrate own cookies or other identifiers into your device, and calculate them. Using such files they can acquire data about your activities on various network websites, applications, and other services. As a matter of fact, we prohibit such analytical services from using web beacons on our websites in order to aggregate any directly identifying information (e.g. your name or email address). You can prohibit some of such analytical services from acquiring and using your data with the following links clicked: Adjust, AppsFlyer, Clicktale, Flurry Analytics, Google Analytics (browser is to be updated), Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, Nielsen, Visible Measures or WebTrends.

5. Using other similar technologies

In addition to typical cookies and web beacons, other similar technologies may be integrated into our websites for storing and calculating files in your computer. Commonly, they are used for storing your preferences or for increasing speed and performance by storing particular files in the visitors’ devices. But these technologies run like ordinary cookies and can assign a unique identifier to your PC to be further used for tracing any activities. Such technologies include local shared objects (or flash cookies) and Silverlight Application Storage.

Local shared objects or «flash cookies». Adobe Flash integrated websites may use local shared objects or «flash cookies» for storing data in your PC. For details of setting or blocking local shared objects, refer to Flash Player help page.

Silverlight Application Storage. Websites and applications can also store data using Silverlight Application Storage. For details of setting or blocking storage functions, refer to this Policy (Silverlight).

6. How long are cookies stored for?

There are two types of cookie files:
  • session cookie files deleted after your browser is closed;
  • permanent cookie files deleted after a certain period is expired or manually as specified in Section 7.

For permanent cookie file storage period, refer to Section 2.

7. How are cookies controlled?

Enter your browser settings to limit or disable using cookies. Most browsers provide information about cookie files and control functions. Any browser may be set up so that you will be notified every time when using a cookie for enabling or disabling that file. Besides, you may disable using all cookies or enable using only those cookies that can be returned to the server they are saved on. With cookie files disabled, a user is not typically blocked but can visit websites.

There are the following links to instructions that can used for changing various browser settings.

Setting cookies in Internet Explorer

Setting cookies in Firefox

Setting cookies in Chrome

Setting cookies in Safari

8. Whom I can contact to get an advice from?

Please feel free to contact us I f you have any questions: email: info@nlmk.com.

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