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Physical simulation laboratory


Lipetsk, Russia

Tasks and areas of activity

This laboratory is intended for simulating a steel production process.

Specialized laboratory mills are used for reproducing chemically graded computer model-based melting process.

With a technology specifically reproduced in all process stages, experimental samples can be obtained by means of laboratory casting, hot and cold rolling and annealing.

Technological chain in production

Steel making

  • Converter steel making
  • Electric steel making

appropriate laboratory process

Vacuum-induction furnace

Production of steel ingots of the required chemical composition up to 150 kg for studying the properties of the alloy and further modeling of hot rolling, cold rolling, firing

Hot rolling

appropriate laboratory process

Laboratory hot rolling mill

Modeling of hot rolling processes, obtaining laboratory samples of hot-rolled metal for subsequent testing and research

Cold rolling

appropriate laboratory process

Laboratory cold rolling mill

Modeling of cold rolling processes, obtaining laboratory samples of cold-rolled metal for subsequent testing and research

Thermomechanical treatment simulators

appropriate laboratory process

Simulators of thermo-mechanical processing

Modeling of heat treatment processes of rolling cycles, welding, forging, casting processes, including mechanical tests of laboratory samples

Testing machine

appropriate laboratory process

Testing machine

Testing of physical and mechanical properties of laboratory samples after modeling the processes of hot / cold rolling and heat treatment

Laboratory features


industrial unit simulators

>3000 sqm

laboratory area

до 10000 С/s

max metal treatment heating rate

Key Laboratory Equipment

all equipment
Technologies and equipment
VIM-20 vacuum induction melting furnace
Main Parameters
Making chemically graded max 50 kg steel ingots for testing alloy properties and for simulating hot rolling, cold rolling, and annealing processes.
Making workpiieces subject to every possible thermomechanical treatment by a GLEEBLE 3800 simulator
x10-5 mbar​
High vacuum
Laboratory hot running mill
Main Parameters
Simulating hot rolling processes followed by laminar or accelerated cooling; taking hot-roll samples subject to further testing and studying

The mill consists of a continuous furnace, an automatic furnace sample discharge and roll mill stand conveying system, 4-roller mill stand, automotive reversing roll system, controlled cooling system (sprayer + laminar), pyrometer system, coil cooling simulation system, and guillotine shears.​
30-150 mm
Input sample thickness
100-250 mm​
Sample width
2-20 mm
Output sample thickness
Laboratory cold rolling mill​
Main Parameters
Simulating continuous or reversing cold rolling process; taking samples subject to further testing and studying​

The mill consists of tensioning system (entry/exit), 6-roller mill stand, automatic reversing roll system, welding machine.​
2-6 mm
Input sample thickness
100-250 mm​
Sample width
more than 0.10 mm​
Output sample thickness
GLEEBLE 3800​ thermomechanical treatment simulator
Main Parameters

Simulating heat treatment processes, rolling cycles, welding, forging, casting processes, testing sample mechanical properties, making CCT diagrams

A Gleeble — 3800 testing machine measures response of material to any external load and simulates heat and mechanical treatment of steel by industrial units which is essential for developing new steel grade production processes and for optimizing existing production techniques. This simulator allows saving time and provides data about metal behavior with mechanical properties varied in the course of rolling, forging, extrusion, casting, welding etc. data pending less time.

Gleeble — 3800 is an entirely integrated system that can ensure heating rate exceeding 10000°C/с with the cross-arm moving rate exceeding 2000 mm/s. The software has a user-friendly interface suitable for developing physical simulation operating modes and for selecting and processing obtained data.

Gleeble – 3800 has a modular design and it is easily switched over from one test configuration to another one.

up to 1750°С
Testing temperature, with metal to be brought to its semi-fluid state​
up to 10000 °С/s​
Heating rate
down to 4500 °С/s​
Cooling rate
up to 200 s-1​
Strain rate
Maximum tensile load
all equipment
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