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Steel for the last generation car body safety parts.

#Automotive industry

Business targets

PHS-class steels are high-strength hot stamping steels.

The product uniqueness lies in the fact that when delivered this steel shows reduced mechanical characteristics that significantly facilitates its cutting and processing. However, when hot pressing hardening occurs to obtain strength characteristics over 1.5 GPa.

There’s an individual goal to develop a heat-resistant coating for this steel, which should prevent corrosion both during operation and at processing temperatures of about 900°C.

Implementation features

To ensure the reliability of future production and the introduction of a new product into the existing corporate portfolio some analogues were analysed to optimize process parameters of the equipment.

It resulted in the development of an entire line of products for which it was necessary to create unique standards.

According to the results of the first trials a number of batches of hot-rolled products were obtained. Some domestic and foreign companies requested to test the new product. The product line is under expansion process plus some heat-resistant coatings are being developed.

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