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The R&D team is continuously focused on development of new materials with due reference to specific market trends making car components easier, durable and environmentally friendly.

New steel grades exhibiting higher bearing-load ability allow car producers to realize their daring design solutions and to manufacture beautiful, comfortable, and ergonomic cars without using any permanent joints.

High-strength steels are used for making load-bearing body elements in order to produce comfortable and safe cars. As for new types of rolled steels developed by the R&D team, they are also used to manufacture wheel disks for cars, buses, special-purpose vehicles, and trucks.

Specifically, a number of new steel characteristics can be obtained — i.e. steels to get strength properties right away after any crash, improved strength of paint coated components, impact absorption, capacity to withstand extreme temperatures, and to maintain rated features etc.

The NLMK scientists do their best to create steel to be «absolute» in all senses so that to exhibit ideal surface, the least tolerance, and fantastic features.

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