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New construction sector solutions generated by the R&D Center engineers are oriented to creating and developing rolled section steel, polymer-coated galvanized steel and flat-rolled steel technologies including steel fittings and hardware production techniques.

Creation of lightweight steel thin-walled structures (LSTS) is one of the trends adopted in the construction sector. Additionally, our clients are interested in traditionally high mechanical strength and corrosive resistance of rolled metal.

Up-to-date metal products should be capable to stand alternating loads, seasonal and day-to-day variation of temperatures, while decorative coats should be tolerable enough to retain their consumption properties in harsh climatic conditions — when exposed to moist sea air, scorching sun, and hard frost.

Quite a serious science venture is to be undertaken with new process techniques developed for retaining necessary low-mass properties in order to produce a lightweight sheet or workpiece for fabricating any metalwork.

Functionally graded items made of polymer-coated flat-rolled steel are capable to reflect, absorb or transform any thermal energy allowing out clients to improve end product ecological compatibility and to extend framework service life.

Fabricated metal items are treated with special corrosion-proof coating to be employed as long as possible. Metal items retain their corrosion-proof properties till microfractures start appearing on surfaces through which water and moisture can penetrate into. For preventing such effect, special agents are introduced and a «healing» component is released when any microfracture occurs. This effect is named «self-healing» of material.

Today, polymeric coating behavior tends to go dramatically ahead beyond corrosion-proof properties. New demands of coat functionality are made to adapt to variable ecological and economical situations. For example, vast amount of hazardous substances are continuously emitted into the atmosphere by a great number of plants situated within heavy industrial areas. There are buildings in such areas that are covered by steel air-cleaning plates coated with special paint neutralizing air-suspended harmful substances. Or, for example, it is possible to oppose to any consequences induced by a mutable economical situation with heat-saving, heat-reflecting and electrogenerating coatings involved. All three types of these materials possess different physical properties but have their common aim — to reduce power consumption. Heat-saving coatings are utilized as thermal insulation to prevent overheating of buildings in hot weather and to prevent loss of heat in winter, thus saving energy seasonally consumed for cooling or for heating spaces. Heat-reflecting coatings reject sunbeams to protect buildings from overheating, as well allowing to save energy consumed by air-conditioners. Electrogenerating coatings transform solar energy to electric energy. Additionally, coatings can save not only energy, but make it possible to rationally use any direct labor. For example, with vandal-proof coatings applied, it is possible to reduce undesirable cost of removal undesirable scribbles from walls.

Plate iron is also widely used in the construction sector. High-strength and high-weldability metal plates of max 250 mm thickness are used, for example, for erecting wind generator towers. For obtaining such products a scientific approach is required in order to define a project scope of works: from steel making to processing of hot-rolled steel thermally treated with an accelerated cooling-down plant.

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