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NLMK Group

In-House R&D Center

A modern scientific complex of the level of the world's leading research institutes, where an international team of experienced researchers and young scientists is engaged in the development of new products and research in the field of industry and the environment.

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01 - 05
Over 4500 sq.m. of the most up-to-date laboratories
02 - 05
Over 1000 ongoing research
03 - 05
More than 100 units of high-precision equipment from world manufacturers
04 - 05
An international team of scientists from Russia and Europe
05 - 05
Partners - from the world's leading research centers to startups

Our developments are applied

in key strategic

industries and directions

Development of a portfolio of premium products with high added value. A wide range of our own competencies, which covers the full cycle of metallurgical production for all areas of human activity

Directions of activities

Automotive industry

The R&D team is continuously focused on development of new materials with due reference to specific market trends making car components easier, durable and environmentally friendly.
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Mechanical engineering

R&D Center regularly develops steel, which is intended for heavy construction, mining, agricultural machinery and industrial equipment.
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Household appliances

Findings of the Center involve the use of new solutions not only on a commercial basis, but also for producing household and computer appliances.
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New construction sector solutions generated by the R&D Center engineers are oriented to creating and developing rolled section steel, polymer-coated galvanized steel and flat-rolled steel technologies including steel fittings and hardware production techniques.
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Power engineering

The R&D Center science-based potential generally comes to light in the manufacturing methods developed for producing electric steel items widely used in the power engineering sector: transformers, electric motors, generators, and other electric units.
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Ecology and environment

NLMK Group, a company operating its complete metallurgical cycle, gives its high priority to the matters of environmental protection and population health.
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Computer-aided engineering

The R&D Center scientists use the latest digital solutions for new technological applications.
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Laboratories and project office
R&D Center

Microstructure analysis laboratory

Russia, Lipetsk
  • optical microscopy
  • electron microscopy
  • radiography
  • elemental analysis
  • measurement of electric and magnetic properties

Physical simulation laboratory

Russia, Lipetsk
  • vacuum-induction remelting
  • laboratory rolling
  • continuous annealing simulation
  • heat treatment simulation

Welding practice laboratory

Russia, Lipetsk
  • laser welding
  • contact welding
  • electric arc welding
  • spot and semiautomatic welding

Material stamping and forming laboratory

Russia, Lipetsk
  • stamped material rating
  • hot and cold forming simulation
  • cut-down metal testing
  • cutting fluid and oil testing
  • tribological testing

Coating process laboratory

Russia, Lipetsk
  • premium polymeric coatings
  • corrosion-proof coatings
  • functional coatings
  • pretreatment simulation
  • polymeric coating
  • corrosion-proof capacity testing
  • coater parameter characteristic
Russia, Moscow
  • New product and technology design project management
  • Internal technological consulting and expertise

Coating process laboratory

Belgium, La Louvière
  • premium polymeric coatings
  • corrosion-proof coatings
  • functional coatings
  • pretreatment simulation
  • polymeric coating
  • corrosion-proof capacity testing
  • coater parameter characteristic

NLMK R&D Center enjoys the most up-to-date equipment

Innovative equipment of the R&D Center supports comprehensive researching at macro-, micro- and nano- levels

Equipment of the center
Technologies and equipment

Talos F200i transmission electron microscope

Scios scanning electron microscope

GLEEBLE 3800​ thermomechanical treatment simulator

Affiliate network

The partner network of the R&D center is constantly expanding. The list of our key partners includes leading scientific schools, research institutes, technology and consulting companies

All partners
Key partners

We welcome talented professionals to contribute into the global-scale projects

Students and graduates of universities

Internship lasting from 1 month to 1 year in the project office and high-tech laboratories of the center

Real-life work experience in one of the largest metallurgical companies in the world

Internship programs
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